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Indian: Indian hair is the most versatile texture & sought after in the world. Each of our bundles is collected from one (1) donors head & sewn in the same direction the hair naturally grows. This texture of hair is very fine silky & naturally bouncy. Holds great curls & blends with almost every hair texture.

Malaysian: Malaysian hair comes sleek & straight with a slight wave. This texture is very popular with its medium to low luster & ability to blend with most hair textures.


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We only use 100% pure authentic virgin hair directly from the temple. With a 1 year minimum life expectancy. Our hair is built to last, with proper care your hair can last well over 2 years. No synthetic fibers, fillers or animal hair is used.  Our hair unlike a lot of our competitors is free of any silicone, harmful acids & our hair is co washed in organic products prior to being shipped to you. Closures are 4×4 in size.



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